March Portfolio Updates and April Allocations

Well, another month down and the portfolio just tread water in March. It did outperform the S&P and Dow however. But never mind that, it doesn’t matter.  As usual there were 744 hours of scary news shows and thousands of headlines, and after all that the bottom line is the market went nowhere.  The leaders remained the leaders and the laggards remained the laggards.  This isn’t my opinion, the 6th grade math revealed it to me.

Here is the final chart for March 2015:

03/31/15 Shares Change Month $ Change Month All Time
VNQ 393 84.31 33133.83 1.13% .51 paid 201.22 added 3/31
MTUM 492 70.3 34587.60 -1.35% .21 paid – 104.97 added 3/31
VGLT 404 80.32 32449.28 0.78% Paid .172 per share 3/2 added to cash
Cash 450.56
100621.27 0.52% ++523.26 ++621.27

So the portfolio is positive by $523.26 for the month and $621.27 since we started.  All three holdings paid dividends this month.

As a reminder, essentially this method relies on math to tell us what three asset classes out of the 13 discussed here ARE actually in the strongest up trend.  No opinions, no predictions, just 6th grade math.  There haven’t been any changes to the portfolio in a while which means our top three, MTUM, VNQ, and VGLT have all been in relatively strong up-trends for some time.  People have been trying to pick a bottom in gold and commodities for 3 years and have been wrong month after month after month.  I have to admit I never thought we’d see $42 barrels of oil again in my lifetime after it crashed in 2008-2009.  I also thought with all the rampant monetary easing and low interest rates our un-elected central bankers have done we’d have massive inflation by now.   But that’s why I don’t use thoughts or hunches to invest.  You know what they say about picking bottoms…only monkeys do it!

See you next month.