July Results and Portfolio Updates for August 2015

Another month come and gone and the sideways grind continues.  It’s in times like these when it’s tough to stick with a strategy, but unless you have a crystal ball and like to eat broken glass you have to make and stick to a plan…whatever it is

The portfolio gained 1.86% for the month but is still negative on the year.  Its sure does seem like the market is topping out as well as bonds so when this thing cracks it will be interesting where this method allocates funds.  Right now the commodity class is just awful!  Perhaps that will be the place to be when the market rolls over.  Here are July’s final numbers:

07/31/15 Shares
VTV 368 84.22 30992.96  1%
MTUM 492 74.15 36481.80 3.79%
VBK 232 134.9 31296.80  0.4%
Cash 78.98 Change Month $ Change Month All Time
98850.54 1.86% 1802.92 -1149.46


For August there are no changes to the portfolio, MTUM, VTV, and VBK are still the best three and above their 200 day averages, although VTV was right on it.  Things could get interesting in the fall.


See ya in 30 days!


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