October and November Updates

Here are updates for the months of October and November 2015.

In October the only position was in VGIT which went down slightly as the S&P and similar indexes rebounded all month which for this portfolio is unfortunate.  This portfolio only makes money when a particular asset class trends higher for a few months in a row, otherwise, when the market is choppy like it is now it bumps in and out of positions and doesn’t get anywhere.  However, the fact that any downward movement takes it out of positions it serves as a risk management function.

10/31/15 Shares
xxx 0.00
xxx 0.00
VGIT 472 65.02 30689.44 paid .092 on 10/1 added to cash
Cash 61996.08 Change Month $ Change Month All Time
92685.52 -0.20% -183.14 -7314.48

The action in October signaled the selling of VGIT and the buying of MTUM, VNQ, and VTV.  This choppy action is a little unnerving with this portfolio because the 3 positions this signaled getting into for November had good months in October and nothing seems to be able to sustain any long term trend higher.  The minute we get into these things they reverse and have a bad month.  Here’s how November started:

11/30/15 Shares
MTUM 422 73.2 30890.40
VNQ 386 79.89 30837.54
VTV 374 82.62 30899.88
Cash 57.70 Change Month $ Change Month All Time
92685.52 0.00% 0.00 -7314.48


….and here’s how it ended….essentially flat like the S&P that was also flat.

11/30/15 Shares
MTUM 422 73.59 31054.98
VNQ 386 79.39 30644.54
VTV 374 83.07 31068.18
Cash 57.70 Change Month $ Change Month All Time
92825.40 0.15% 139.88 -7174.60


There are no changes for the month of December so the above positions remain the same.  Hopefully we close the year out strong.