December and End of Year 2015 Update

The trendless market continues and as I mentioned in earlier posts, this portfolio is designed to profit in up trending markets and keep the investor out of declining markets/sectors.  Since we are going sideways there is just no way to profit.  The portfolio itself lost 0.35% in December and lost 7.5% for the year.  If I had done the AGG3 from day one it would have lost 3.69% over the course of the year but I started out with the AGG6 and that was the source of the additional losses.

A signal to sell VTV on 12/31 has left it 33% in cash with the other 66% in VNQ and MTUM.  If this market cracks all we can hope is that it doesnt loose it all in one month while we are still holding MTUM and VNQ.  This bull market seems to be worn out.  What is the next catalyst for growth?


Here’s how December finished:

12/31/15 Shares
MTUM 422 73.29 30928.38 paid .202148 $85.31
VNQ 386 78.5 30301.00 paid 1.098 $$423.83
VTV 374 81.52 30488.48 paid .588 $219.91 all3 added to cash
Cash 786.75 Change Month $ Change Month All Time
92504.61 -0.35% -320.79 -7495.39



Here is how the portfolio will look in January:

01/31/16 Shares
MTUM 422 73.29 30928.38
VNQ 386 78.5 30301.00
Cash 31275.23 Change Month $ Change Month All Time
92504.61 0.00% 0.00 -7495.39